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Celebrate or Remember a Life in Humanist Funerals, Memorials, Scattering Ashes

Humanist Commemoration of Life Services Available in Scotland

Humanist Fellowship funerals welcome and embrace everyone,

recognising that we are all united. We can help you celebrate life and

support you in your sadness when someone dies.

Our humanist funeral ceremonies are inclusive and they respect and

recognise the life of the person who has died. A ceremony like this

remembers that each of us is unique with our own personality and

experiences in life.

We can find the right way for you to remember and say your goodbyes.

We hear from you about their life and prepare a personal life story.

The ceremony often includes what you want to share about the person

who has died. Your celebrant or a family member or friend can share

readings, stories and memories. We can make time too for reflection and silent prayer. We respect other people’s beliefs.

We can also work with you if you know you have a life limiting condition

and help you prepare your funeral words and wishes in advance. If you

choose to do this, we can then work with your family or friends when the time comes, to deliver the funeral that you feel best reflects you and your life.

Humanist Fellowship funerals are all about helping you say your goodbyes in the way that helps you best express yourself at these difficult times.

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