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Funeral & Memorial Services Available in Scotland

about us

Humanism approaches life with an ethical and caring eye, respecting each other and the world we live in.

The Humanist Fellowship of Scotland is a non profit organisation centred around humanism. 

Friendship, community and sharing are at the heart of the Humanist Fellowship of ScotlandWe’re a group of people who share humanist values and approach to life - caring for our communities and beyond - supporting causes close to our hearts. We share friendship, philosophical and spiritual thinking, personal and professional development, guidance and support. We enjoy the privilege of helping people at important, special or difficult times of life, celebrating life love and precious moments.



  • Peaceful humanist and ethical lifestyle

  • Friendship and sharing, learning and developing

  • Accessible and approachable

  • Give our best with empathy and integrity, equally, without prejudice

  • Support charities with shared ethos and values

  • Speak for, represent or guide those in our communities who expressly ask us to

  • Creating a secular space that honours and respects the occasion no matter its location, scope, size, setting or style.

our values

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