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Geraldine Gould

"All different. All the same. personalised ceremonies

for each occasion"


Weddings, Funerals, Baby Namings

I began to take an interest in Humanist ceremonies when each of my three sons had Humanist celebrants to conduct their weddings. They were all very special and beautiful occasions and I saw at first hand what a difference it makes to have a personalised ceremony for such an important celebration. I realised I had many of the skills needed so after a career in the Education sector I retrained and became a celebrant myself.

I really enjoy conducting wedding ceremonies. Couples today are deeply committed to having a ceremony which reflects them as people and the things which are important to them as a couple. I enjoy helping them to create the kind of ceremony which is personal to them and which they and their guests will remember as being a happy and meaningful occasion.

I feel privileged to be able to help bereaved families and friends to plan funerals for their loved ones. It is always important to be sensitive to their wishes and to make sure that the tribute does justice to the person and the life that has been.

Many parents today wish to gather their friends and family together celebrate the naming of their baby. It is a joy to be part of this special welcoming day and to be able to help parents to show their love and gratitude for the gift of their child.

I live in Edinburgh and I am happy to travel throughout the central belt and further afield. I can be contacted on my mobile and I am always happy to chat things through, or alternatively by email.


From the start Geraldine had such a warm, polite and friendly manner.  We had an open and friendly meeting and in such a short time Geraldine managed to gather a real understanding of our lives together and what our marriage commitments meant for one another.

We have had many wonderful comments from both family and friends who had never been to a humanist ceremony before and loved the different style, how personal it was and how diverse it can be from other ceremonies. We couldn’t have had a more enjoyable ceremony, it was as if we had known Geraldine for many years, we are blessed to have had such a wonderful experience.

Geraldine we cannot thank you enough! You were fabulous and really set the scene for the marriage we are entering into!

I must thank you for being so considerate all along, and for delivering the tribute so passionately and professionally. I would also add that I had heard that even staunch believers were very impressed!

You really captured both Ina and Eddie’s lives perfectly! Heartfelt thanks from the Douglas family. Given that you were working from memories (sometimes vague) provided by the family I thought you captured Ina’s life perfectly and brought her memory alive with your words today.  During the whole process you handled the situation and family with great respect and professionalism.  

Many thanks for all you have done for us. The ceremony yesterday was lovely and I don’t think the day could have gone any better.

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